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#1 Retirement Living Technology

True Resort Style Living

When was the last time you stayed at a resort, that did not offer an in-room entertainment, and service booking solution? If you are a Retirement Living Operator preaching about resort style living without an in-room entertainment and service booking technology, you are missing the point and missing out.

Unlock Opportunities

Get to know your residents, and unlock opportunities for everyone. Offer extra services that residents can book from the comfort of their home. Run survey’s to determine residents preferences, or interests to ensure you are offering suitable social activities, service options, and service standards. Empower residents with the opportunity to provide feedback all year round.

Stand Out From The Crowd

With CareVision your retirement community gets a whole lot more, for very little effort. From entertainment options such as video’s, movies, social groups and games, through to providing families the opportunity to stay better connected. CareVision makes the transition to retirement living more inclusive, fun and less scary for everyone.

Discover New Revenue Streams

Just like a resort, Retirement Living providers can tap new revenue streams simply by making their extra services more accessible, extending their booking access to families and friends, and getting to know their resident’s preferences with regular micro surveys.

List extra services and enable one click bookings

CareVision allows you to list your extra services for care recipients and their families to easily book or request. The tools for your organisation to find suitable resources to fulfil on demand service bookings from your existing teams and more.

Emergency & Crisis Management

Does your emergency evacuation plan cater to the hearing impaired, or the early stage dementia resident? Do residents know what to do in an emergency and will they remember in the confusion of such an event? Turn every CareVision tv into emergency signage.

Build a Thriving Community

Communications, relevant and regular updates and news are key to building a thriving retirement community.

CareVision makes it easy for families to remain updated, for care recipients to make friends, and for your organisation to share news, photos and live stream social events. Ultimately allowing your retirement community to extend beyond the walls of the village.

Connect Families & Nurture Engagement

CareVision helps families connect with their loved ones scattered around the world, or just down the road. Prompts for the family to send video messages, and share moments from their daily lives help prevent your client suffering from social isolation.

Brain Games & Community Trivia Challenges

Reduce loneliness, boredom and improve cognitive function all at once. The CareVision community trivia, memory games and activities help residents stay sharp while living at home. Daily game or challenge can be set to improve participation.

Centralise Communication Management

Keep people that need to know, informed in a timely and effective manner. CareVision allows operators to schedule communications to specific community groups, resident profiles and stored lists. Improve staff communication to ensure everyone is on message.

Retirement Living of the Future

Traditionally Retirement Living providers have been able to run successful businesses without having to push the boundaries or go the extra mile. The future of retirement living will demand that providers re-imagine the retirement living experience to meet the demands of the incoming Baby Boomer clientele, or risk missing out on this affluent generation.

Team Scheduling & Shift Management

CareVision offers a robust scheduling engine allowing you to easily identify staff and contractors with the required skills for any job. It even allows staff to opt in for replacement shifts on their day off, making it easier and faster to replace emergency staff cancellations.

Publish Video Content for Entertainment and Training

Source video content from families, live stream events to care recipients homes, along with a collection of movies from the 30s to 60s offered by CareVision. Promote your social activities and keep care recipients informed, while allowing them to book social outings.

Host and Stream Events Live

Communications, relevant updates and news are key to building your community. CareVision makes it easy for families to remain updated, for care recipients to make friends, and for your organisation to share news, live stream social events.

Technology Older People Love

The Television is used by people over 65 an average of 5.6 hours a day, it is used 7 times more than any other technology, and is often the companion and main source of information for older people. CareVision’s Television for older people takes this concept further than ever before, turning the humble television into a tool for medication reminders, gamification of daily living activities, a communication hub, and a place to enjoy the family and community news and updates.

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