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The future of Residential Aged Care Technology

A Social Enterprise

We are committed to reducing Senior Social Isolation, and the fight against Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As part of this fight, not only do we develop robust technology solutions to assist our clients in building communities and improving socialisation, 5% of profits are reinvested into clinical research and community programs.

Partner for Success

Your business is changing, your industry is being disrupted. CareVision will help you navigate the change for the success of your organisation and the improved well-being of your clients. Our technology solutions combined with support with Change Management, process rewiring, and navigating funding options are just a few of the ways we help you succeed.

A Single Solution

Until now, if your organisation offered a combination of Home Care, Residential Aged Care and Independent Living,  the web of systems needed to operate is complex. CareVision removes this complexity with a robust, single solution for all your operational needs plus a range of cutting edge features that improve the patient experience

Nurse Call With Context

How many hours do your carers and nurse staff spend walking around in circles every day? Eradicate the time waste, improve task allocation, and speed of service to your residents with need specific service requests allocated to staff with the appropriate level of skill.

Offer Your Services On Demand

Do residents and families know what additional services you offer that they can book? List your services for residents and family to keep up to date, and book directly from the CareVision TV and Mobile Application.

Team Scheduling & Shift Management

CareVision offers a robust scheduling engine allowing you to easily identify staff and contractors with the required skills for any job. It even allows staff to opt in for replacement shifts on their day off, making it easier and faster to replace emergency staff cancellations.

Technology Older People Love

With CareVision, older people can now communicate with their family and friends, request for community services, receive event reminders or get alerts to take their medications while watching their regular news and TV shows.  CareVision transforms the simple living ns room Smart TV as a communication and accessibility tool for everyday use.

Video Content for Entertainment, Socialisation

Source video content from families, live stream events to care recipients homes, along with a collection of movies from the 30s to 60s offered by CareVision. Promote your social activities and keep care recipients informed, while allowing them to book social outings.

Cognitive Improvement Games & Activites

Activities that stimulate the brain activity improve health and wellbeing, while also a great form of entertainment for families to engage in with their loved ones.  Try composing messages, participating in trivia, and memory games based on their life history.

Live Stream Events and Share Community News

Communications, relevant updates and news are key to building your community. CareVision makes it easy for families to remain updated, for care recipients to make friends, and for your organisation to share news, live stream social events.

The Power of Video Communications

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the power of a video. Evidence suggests that video content gets a message across faster and more effectively than written content. With CareVision you can publish a wide range of content from an educational video to inform and help residents and their families, compliance and training video’s to staff, a corporate address from the CEO, or simply for entertainment such as live streamed social events.

Connect Families and Nurture Engagement

Tap into the greatest source of joy and entertainment for your residents; their family. With families encouraged to share memories, photos, trivia questions, and videos, your resident will be happier, and memory, music and reminiscence therapy more effective

Family Communications Management

Chances are, you are not communicating with families effectively, leaving your organisation open to litigation, not to mention the hours per day spent fielding phone calls from family members when they could be updated and informed more efficiently

Streamline Resident Reporting

Make your reporting go further and share specific reports or fields with residents and their families. Empower families with the information they need to make decisions and be confident that their loved one is recieving the care and attention they deserve.

Attract and Retain Talent

Bring your operations into the new millennium to attract and retain the next generation of talent in aged care. With almost 50% of the frontline care workforce reaching retirement in the next 10 years, engaging the next generation of carers is paramount. CareVision’s simple to use applications, modern interfaces, and advanced technology give you the tools your organisation will need to engage, train, and retain top care talent.

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