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CareVision empowers care organisations, to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing care industry and increase the volume and range of services available while providing a superior patient and family experience to ensure competitive advantage.

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The Tools Care Organisations Need To Stay Relevant

Below is a snapshot of the modules that CareVision enables your organisation with. To learn more about how your organisation can benefit, or how we can help your organisation excel in this time of change give us a call or book a demo.

Brain Training Games

Mobile Carer Reporting

Photo Albums

Secure Mobile Messaging


Health Goal Tracking

Reminders for Daily Living Activities

Need Speciffic Service Requests & waitlists

Community News

Integrated Health Devices

Raise Alarms Manually or From Data Events


The marketplace for aged care is changing and becoming increasingly competitive, to stay ahead care organisations need the ability to build communities, offer high technology easy to engage with solutions, and constant communications with residents, their families and staff. CareVision offers a wide range of opportunities to care organisations that can be tailored to your needs.

CareVision Makes Adoption Easy

Ready To Integrate

CareVision is ready to integrate with your other enterprise systems, such as your ERP, or Clinical records management Systems. We have API’s available and secure method of integration. CareVision is the number one solution for community engagement, improving patient outcomes, carer mobility and communications.

With You Every Step of The Way

CareVision supports you all the way, with free installation for all new purchases. Larger organisations might also want to engage CareVision for support with project and change management services to help your organisation get the most from the CareVision Care Platform.

Modular Design

CareVision’s solution has been built in a modular way, enabling the care consumer, or care provider to customise the use of modules to the care consumers needs. Additionally, the modular design allows the organisation to utilise their current enterprise platforms and integrate for a seamless user experience

Technology Older People Love

The biggest challenge for many aged care and retirement living providers is finding a solution that won’t be left in the corner collecting dust. CareVision’s focus on usability for the care consumer means CareVision will actually work. On average, people over 65 watch 6.4 hours of TV each day, so they have engaged in your solution already. 

Built In Nurturing

CareVision makes the process of adoption for your organisation and community easy, with built-in user engagement and nurturing. Encouraging family participation, gamify the process and making elements of platform fun. There is also the ability to phase the implementation at your organisation module by module to make adoption easier. 


One size does not fit all. Organisations can choose which modules work for their organisation, while individuals are given the freedom to customise their experience. Being able to customise the experience to different roles, user ability or simply to assist with the smooth transition to the CareVision solution.

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