Care Management Experience: New CareVision UI
We are thrilled to announce that the new and improved Care Management Experience via the CareVision Organisation Management Portal (OMP).

Here at CareVision, we are confident in our capacity to provide accessible and user-friendly solutions to help care organisations deliver quality care management and service. We are always working on meeting the needs of our clients; therefore, we are also aware of the fact that these needs do change as time goes on.

We like to leave some room for growth as we are constantly thinking of more ways to serve you better. That said, after gathering feedback from our users, we are now ready to give you the upgrade you most certainly deserve.

Welcome to the New CareVision Experience!

For this release, we put great emphasis on “a new phase with a new face.” The New CareVision Care Management Experience is designed to allow more flexibility as we continue to add new and exciting OMP features. We streamlined the portal for smoother navigation, making each sub-menu perfectly collapsible and expandable for easier access. We’ve also enhanced a couple of time-saving features to improve work efficiency and productivity, including the portal’s Search Bar. Simply type in the name of the Client in and the system will instantly search the Client’s profile for you.

What else can you look forward to in the new Care Management Experience?

  • A more functional and optimised Scheduling Area
  • A new Actions tab to easily access and manage Client Leaves and Service Bookings
  • Improved Form Formats
  • Improved sorting and filtering of Social Groups, News Articles, and Videos
  • The addition of Contacts and External Contractors (third party service providers) to further organise Connections
  • The launch of CareVision Support Chat where you can talk directly to our Support Team and receive instant response or feedback

And so much more!

The New CareVision Care Management Experience via the new CareVision Management Portal

This is ONLY the beginning…

We are still transitioning all functionalities of the old portal to the New Care Management Experience, so some new features are not available as of yet. In the meantime, feel free to switch back to CareVision Classic by clicking on the link provided on the new portal.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates. There is so much in store and we are very excited to share them with you!

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