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CareVision’s Community Lifestyle Package

Helping Lifestyle Managers, Every Step Of The Way
CareVision provides digital solutions for community engagement, activity planning, compliance management and lifestyle tracking, for villages across Australia and New Zealand, supporting both management and client experience. Register today to find out how we can help you.

Reducing Admin for Lifestyle Managers.

With 2020 having been a challenging year, we are offering Lifestyle and Retirement Village Managers across Australia and New Zealand a chance to get access to some of our premium care management modules, starting at just $99 a month.  

We’ve Got You Covered

Making technology effective for all clients and family, with TV, Mobile and Tablet access.

Track Lifestyle Goals, Case Notes, Dietary Requirements and Social Schedule For All Clients.

Manage Social Groups, RSVP's, Activity Schedules and Social Risk Management

Manage Volunteer Opportunities, Certification, Compliance and Rosters.

Enhanced Communication and Client Engagement, reducing Social Isolation.


Client Management Tools, such as Active Forms and Visitor Registration Management.

Access for All Village Staff Members, Managers and Aged Care of NDIS Clients.

Share Photos, Event Details, Videos, Articles and more with All Village Clients.

Why will this package help you?

Care Management is evolving and we want to give every care or lifestyle manager across Australia and New Zealand the chance to use efficient and valuable care technology, without the heavy price tag.

Starting at $99 a month, your entire Care Village can receive access to our premium tools. Effective communication, covid safe compliance and enhanced consumer well-being is a priority for us all. With CareVision, managing communications, entertainment, social interaction, volunteers, calendars, feedback, forms and care compliance has been made easy, and accessible to all.

We Make it Easy to Connect Care Teams, Clients and Families, Digitally.

Our products are already being used by thousands of Australians across aged care and retirement facilities, as well as those receiving care at home. They are user friendly, providing everyone in the care ecosystem enhanced efficiency, communication and engagement.

Stay Connected. Manage Efficiently.

What does the Package include?

+ Access for ALL Care Managers

+ Up to 75 Residents receive access to the CareVision mobile app, tablet app and TV

+ 5 family members receive access to application, per resident.

+ 20 Active Forms

+ Video calls and group chat functionality

+ Reminders and alerts for clients

+ View social groups and RSVP for events

+ Track Lifestyle Goals

+ Document Case Notes

+ Track Contacts on Clients

+ invite contacts to be connections

+ visitors get access to our Visitor Registration App

+ Publish Articles and Videos

+ Print Client Lifestyle Summary

+ Print Social Calendar

+ Print Calendar Cards

+ 5 Print newsletter per month

+ Manage Social Groups and Activity Schedules

+ complete billing for attendance

+ Publish 100 volunteer jobs for social group assistance

+ Digitally manage volunteer certification and compliance

+ Manage Group Attendance, Social Group Risk and Reporting

+ Share photos and videos from social events, to residents and family + Access to the CareVision knowledgebase and email support.

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