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Reduce Social Isolation

Reducing Social Isolation and loneliness delays the onset and aggressiveness of age-related cognitive deterioration such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It also contributes to the declining quality of life and general happiness. Core to all our continuous innovation is the reduction of social isolation.

Research & Development

There is a lot of research to do before Alzheimer’s and Dementia become a thing of the past. We are committed to reinvesting technology and community programs for a future cure, and community programs for seniors to reduce impact today.

Deliver Results

We have a clear overall goal, to “reduce social isolation and loneliness in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s”, each solution is designed to achieve this plus our solution specific goals. We actively monitor the success of our solutions against these goals and report on their success on a quarterly basis.

Simplicity, Usability & Effectiveness

Interfaces and software are constantly changing and it becomes confusing. While the challenges in aged care are complex, we are committed to simple interfaces and minimising substantial changes to ensure usability by all.

We collaborate with large and small hardware providers and partners

Innovate with us, let us join forces to improve care,
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