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Consumer Directed Care

CDC should provide people with the choice, control and easier access to care services that match their care needs and lifestyle. Home Care Operators need the flexibility to respond to the demands and direction of their consumers. the systems to empower consumers with choice, and a seamless customer experience.

Bring Care to the People

With carers, care recipients and their families spread across suburbs, states and in the world, it can be hard for home care operators to build a sense of community, security and support for clients, staff and stakeholders. CareVision helps you build a thriving community with tools for news, video, community games and more, helping you retain talent and happy clients.

Stand Out From The Crowd

With home care operators facing unprecedented competition from existing and new entrants to the market, you will need a way to stand out. Consumers and their families want technology enabled care operators, with transparent and timely communications, and superior operating systems they can participate in.

Connect Families and Nurture Engagement

CareVision helps families connect with their loved ones scattered around the world, or just down the road. Prompts for the family to send video messages, and share moments from their daily lives help prevent your client suffering from social isolation.

Build a Thriving Community

Communications, relevant updates and news are key to building your community. CareVision makes it easy for families to remain updated, for care recipients to make friends, and for your organisation to share news, live stream social events.

Video Content for Entertainment, Socialisation

Source video content from families, live stream events to care recipients homes, along with a collection of movies from the 30’s to 60’s offered by CareVision. Promote your social activities and keep care recipients informed while allowing them to book social outings.

Build a thriving community of Care

Bring your operations into the new millennium to attract and retain the next generation of consumers, their families and top talent in aged care. With almost 50% of the frontline care workforce reaching retirement in the next 10 years, engaging the next generation of carers is paramount. Care Consumers want more than care, they want to be part of a community, and their families will demand technology enabled providers with clear communication plans. Ask us about our research into the future consumer of care.

Clinical Notes & Care Management

With multiple people involved in the care of each individual, from carers, doctors and family members it can be hard to keep people informed. Care books in residents home no longer cut the mustard. CareVision makes note taking and sharing simple.

Cognitive Improvement Games & Activites

Reduce loneliness, boredom and improve cognitive function all at once. The CareVision community trivia, memory games and activities help residents stay sharp while living at home. Daily game or challenge can be set to improve participation.

Robust & Streamlined Reporting

Make your reporting go further and share specific reports or fields with residents and their families. Empower families with the information they need to make decisions and be confident that their loved one is receiving the care and attention they deserve.

A single solution for all home care operators needs

To run and grow a successful Home Care business, you are constantly balancing resources, schedules, and demand all while maintaining quality and continuity of care for your clients. The last thing you need is a complex web of systems that dont talk to each other. CareVision removes this complexity with a robust, single solution for all your operational needs plus a range of cutting edge features that improve the patient experience, communications and help your organisation stand out.

Care Planning with Confidence

Be confident that your team have the most current and relevant information about services and client history when care planning. Building the care plan with clients is simple and easy to personalise allowing for faster approval and greater customer satisfaction.

Offer On Demand Service Bookings

CareVision allows you to list your extra services for care recipients and their families to easily book or request. The tools for your organisation to find suitable resources to fulfil on-demand service bookings from your existing teams and more.

Remote Worker Safety & Journey Management

Take control of risk and improve the safety of your mobile workforce. Track your staff when they have ‘clocked on’ for work for the day, CareVision sends warnings if they miss a checkpoint, and allows them to send out an emergency flare if in trouble.

Technology Older People Love

The Television is used by people over 65 an average of 5.6 hours a day, it is used 7 times more than any other technology, and is often the companion and main source of information for older people. CareVision’s Television for older people takes this concept further than ever before, turning the humble television into a tool for medication reminders, Gamificatioj of daily living activities, a communication hub, and a place to enjoy the family and community news and updates.

Medication Reminders & Alerts

For Home Care Operators, making sure your care recipients keep up to date with their daily living activities and medication is difficult as you cannot be in their home all the time. CareVision delivers daily reminders, rewarding residents for task completion.

Smart Scheduling Engine

Scheduling is a highly complex and time-consuming exercise for most home care operators. CareVision ensures that your team’s skills are being allocated to the most appropriate bookings and that daily travel routes are optimised for time efficiency and safety.

Mobilise Your Workforce

Imagine everything from rostering, to shift swapping, to safety check-in’s, corporate communications, training or compliance video’s and robust reporting in the palm of your team’s hands, in an easy to use and intuitive mobile or tablet application.

A partner for success

Your business is changing, your industry is being disrupted. CareVision will help you navigate the change for the success of your organisation and the improved well-being of your clients. Our technology solutions combined with support with Change Management, process rewiring, and navigating funding options are just a few of the ways we help you succeed.

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