CareVision Concludes Trials of Home Care Solution for the Elderly, Their Families & Carers |

Following months of research and consultation with industry experts, families and care providers CareVision devised a hypothesis solution for the issues faced across the aged care sector, particularly those faced by older individuals.

As part of the trial, families were recruited to install a TV with the CareVision’s unique proprietary technology on it, as well as share a mobile application with family, friends and carers and encouraged to use them for 6 weeks.

During the 6 week period the participants noted that communication became easier between the family, with the patient, and also found that the patient’s mood improved.

Carers that observed the trial noted the importance of the family photo sharing and how it triggered memories similar to the way reminiscing or memory therapy does that is often run with older people to ward off or slow the rate of spread of dementia. While no carers actively participated in this trial, there are plans to expand the trial in early 2015.

One family noted that they had been unable to have a meaningful conversation with their elderly mother due to her dementia until they used the CareVision TV. The TV was able to facilitate positive intergenerational interactions and resulted in the family being more inclined to visit the nursing home more regularly and to even bring children in to visit.

With a lot of positive feedback from the prototype solution, along with suggestions for improvement, and important user behaviour data collected, CareVision will now explore taking the next step to build a production ready solution.


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