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Telehealth and Video Conferencing

For Retirement Living, Home Care Communities & Residential Care

Video Calls with Family, Friends, Caregivers, Concierge and Drs

Use the CareVision platform to provide teleconferencing for, medicine, medical consultations, medical education, case management, and health education for clients across geographic regions. With CareVision you can conduct a video call in line with viewing the clients’ record, clients can have easy access through their CareVision TV, Tablet and staff can even hold calls while on the move. Not to mention, families can conference with their loved ones from the family mobile applications, making it easier than ever to reduce social isolation.

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For better health outcomes, improved wellbeing, and streamlined operations. The CareVision Television is the ultimate in home aid to support your clients during the hours of the day where you cannot be there in person, and keeps your clients connected to the people that matter most, their family, friends and carers.