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Consumer Directed Care Management

For NDIS, Home Care Communities & Residential Care

Central Client Record for Everything 

Client profiles are straight forward, informative and robust. See clients interests, social groups, through to complex care reports all from one view. Making sure you have the whole picture when making decisions and planning.

Build and maintain individual care and service plans for your clients, with built in version control, change tracking and the ability to review archived plans. Set recurring scheduled services, associate health conditions and goals to service items along with tailored reporting.

There is a schedule for that… 

Our robust and world leading calendar and schedule engine, means we have not come across a schedule we cannot handle.

We are constantly being asked, can you handle this schedule or that schedule? What about once in the blue moon? How about group bookings? What about if there are multiple staff required, the number varying depending on the number of clients attending?  and depending on the  position of the moon? The short answer is yes we can, or we will. If you come up with a scenario we have not yet thought of, we are happy to accept the challenge and work with you to implement it.

Streamline Budgeting, Funding & Leave Management

Keep track of up to date client agency details for Medicare, My Aged Care, Department of Veterans Affairs, NDIS, Pension and more.

A Client Leave Submission Tracking Dashboard,  provides care managers/case managers with a central list of all client leave, tracking of the number of days taken so far, alerting when thresholds are approaching, and the ability to track the submission of leave to medicare for each month that the leave applies for.

Client Budgeting and Forecasts take into consider all funding streams, and update live based on services booked, planned and forecast.

Client & Team Activity Transparency

On every client or staff member profile you can see important client groups they belong to, along with an activity feed for their profile. The activity feed provides transparency as to what is happening with the client, when care teams are arriving, when case notes are recorded, when help is requested, tasks created or completed, and more.

From the scheduling area receive live updates about team member check in’s how they are tracking with their work for the day.

Want to see it in action?

Adopt a Platform that allows you to

Engage with care recipients, families and friends ...


For better health outcomes, improved wellbeing, and streamlined operations. The CareVision Television is the ultimate in home aid to support your clients during the hours of the day where you cannot be there in person, and keeps your clients connected to the people that matter most, their family, friends and carers.