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Billing & Payroll

For Retirement Living, Home Care Communities & Residential Care

Two of the most complex and vital processes for smooth operations

Time sounds simple, but we all know when it comes to billing time, and payroll time things can get complicated. CareVision allows you to set up a range of billing rules, with various billing categories that can be centrally managed, apply them to one or more services, at one or more branches, or set up service-specific billing rules. Manage the effective date of new rate sets coming into effect, and track archived rates to ensure your data and reporting is always 100%. You can apply client group treatments, such as a VIP discount, or extra fees % or $ for broker client services. There are call out fees and rules based on locations, and travel with client fees, and more. Meanwhile, every client care plan can be negotiated with customised rates or rules, and every individual service delivered can have a suite of adjustments applied for billing or payroll.

CareVision has a range of billing and payroll exports available out of the box, along with integrations for some of the industries leading payroll and accounting systems.

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For better health outcomes, improved wellbeing, and streamlined operations. The CareVision Television is the ultimate in home aid to support your clients during the hours of the day where you cannot be there in person, and keeps your clients connected to the people that matter most, their family, friends and carers.