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Digital Concierge Platform

For Retirement Living, Home Care Communities & Residential Care

More Vibrant Communities

More vibrant communities are friendlier, happier,  healthier and attract and retain residents. Making sure your residents get to know their neighbours, giving them easy ways to participate and be in the know about social activities, and extending your community across sites or with the volunteers, family and friends, are all possible with the CareVision Digital Concierge.

Streamline Services & Operations

Offering more and complementary third-party services is a reality with the CareVision Digital Concierge platform. Not only is there an easy way to list, and promote additional services, CareVision will help you allocate and route work requests, to the most appropriate person for the job, or escalate to your on-site or centralised concierge team for assignment. 

Improve Wellbeing, Safety & Health

By offering your residents and clients easy ways to access services, make friends, keep in touch with family, participate in community activities, and build social networks within your village, results in overall wellbeing, safety and health benefits. Additionally, turn on health reminders and promotion for individual clients to ensure they maintain and monitor their wellbeing and health.  

Discover New Opportunities

There are many opportunities that exist for your business when your communities are connected, more vibrant and extended to include family, friends and volunteers. Our clients have found improved service and transparency, resulting in more referrals, have experienced increase in service bookings, new revenue streams by inviting home care clients to join ticketed social events at the residential villages, and more. CareVision actively helps your business discover these opportunities through insights and suggestions.  

Want to see it in action?

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For better health outcomes, improved wellbeing, and streamlined operations. The CareVision Television is the ultimate in home aid to support your clients during the hours of the day where you cannot be there in person, and keeps your clients connected to the people that matter most, their family, friends and carers.