“The message is clear. Those who feel more connected within their local communities typically have higher levels of personal well-being.”

Bringing Communities Together

CareVision is committed to bringing communities together and building connectedness and wellbeing across the community. As such we regularly partner with local community groups and organisations to bring their services, events, and initiatives to the CareVision family for the benefit of the whole community. We endeavour to keep the process of registering and partnering simple and flexible allowing CareVision to partner with a wide range of community groups that share common goals and values. If your community groupĀ promotes well-being and independent living in the community please give us a call to discuss partnership opportunities in your area.

Hosting Community Events

Are you bringing people together to contribute to the community, share in a common interest or just have some fun?

Community and social interactions are critical components of a balanced life and overall wellbeing, for people of all ages and ability. If your organisation or community group is hosting an event we would love to hear from you, promote your event to our community and provide support for those attending.

Offering Community Services

There are over 100,000 older people in Australia that go without on a daily basis because they cannot afford support.

If your organisation offers community services, such as respite care, adult day care groups, or food delivery services on a charitable basis CareVision would like to support you, support the community. All initiatives underpinned by the values of inclusiveness, service and charity are invited to register.

Volunteering & Donating

There are many different reasons that people volunteer and give their time and commitment to support elders and disabled in the community. One of the core values of CareVision is local community development, recognising the contributions that people can make to their community. CareVIsion offers volunteers the opportunity for developing their skills, gain experience and resilience, which benefits both individuals and communities. Alternatively, you can sponsor a volunteer program in the community.

Digital Transformation For Aging at Home

CareVision has launched a new interactive technology involving the humble TV and the internet which could reduce the rates of social isolation amongst the elderly. There are more than 20% of Australians over 65 are socially isolated and this number is increasing...

On-Demand Care and Respite Technology

On-Demand Care services are slowly changing the way we approach our everyday lives. The successes and conveniences in the on-demand economy, such as Uber for transportation, and Netflix for entertainment are prompting a conversation about the application of on-demand...

What the NDIS Will Do to Aged Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is a program implemented by the National Disability Insurance Agency(NDIA), an independent Commonwealth statutory agency. The insurance scheme provides individualised support and services to Australians with a...

The Importance of Community On Well being

Individuals that regularly engage in daily living activities in older age have enhanced levels of well-being. It is important to note that the type of participation matters because the strength of the link between participation and wellbeing depends on the specific...