Best Case Management Software Features for Home Care Packages
At CareVision, we always find ways to help organisations build an Active Care mindset with robust, modular case management software features. 

In the wise words of comedian Dave Chappelle, “Modern problems require modern solutions”. Although said in jest from his legendary sketch comedy show, this can definitely apply to a modern problem such as the Aged Care Crisisa topic that is no laughing matter especially for 119,524 older Australians waiting for their assessed home care packages. 

With the range of case management software in the market these days, it’s always best to consider these 5 essential features that can be vital to any care organisation seeking operation and business growth. 

Submit Case Notes and Form Submissions

Writing up case notes or reports after a day’s work doesn’t just add to the stress of your team members, it also heightens the risk of some important details falling through the cracks. Allow Care Teams to send case notes and fill out forms from a mobile or tablet app. It’s fast, easy and organised.



Track goals and adhere to treatment plans

Coordinators can add a new Goal or Condition for a Client. With this, Carers will be able to assist Clients with their physical, medical, and psychological needs to achieve optimum health. This will also present more opportunities for your Care Teams to know their Clients and what’s important to them.



Categorise Clients based on their Home Care Package (HCP) Level and other specifications

Let’s take Queensland’s HCP model for example. There are four levels of packages in the Rockhampton Area: 

  • Level 1 supports people assessed with basic care needs
  • Level 2 supports people assessed with low-level care needs
  • Level 3 supports people assessed with intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 supports people assessed with high-level care needs 

Each package includes services ranging from personal care, mobility, food service delivery, transportation, group programs and more. Using a comprehensive case management software, organisations can create Client Groups to sort out Clients according to their funding levels, care or medical needs, and rates.



Open Communication streams with family and primary carers

Care admins and Coordinators can invite family members and friends to connect with Clients. This encourages active participation in their loved one’s care management. Case managers can also communicate with Care Teams or Clients within the case management software to ensure that the Client is receiving the care that they need.



Enable clients to live independently

Transparency and integrity should be at the heart of any client-centric case management software. As a consumer-directed care platform, CareVision allows Clients to take control of their care. Medical appointments, personal to-do’s, and scheduled activities for the day can all be seen from the CareVision TV and Tablet app.



CareVision is the Ultimate Care Platform for Home Care, Aged Care, Disability and Respite. Our range of features includes an intuitive case management platform, smart scheduling and rostering engine, community engagement platform and more. 


Talk to our team about CareVision’s Case Management Software Features. Chat with us or book a free demo today. 

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