CareVision Searches for Solutions to Loneliness in Aged Care |
With multiple successful business ventures behind him, David Fairbairn is at it again. From computerising chemists in the 80s, to digitising the building industry since the 90’s, David is turning his attention to a matter that’s close to home and looking for solutions to the aged care crisis, but more importantly how to reduce the social isolation and loneliness that is faced by so many aging and disabled Australians.

CareVision will focus on solving the challenges faced by families, particularly searching for ways to engage older people in technology to reduce loneliness and social isolation, while also working to close the gaps that exist between families, aged care providers, and medical professionals. Some of the key issues that have been raised during preliminary research that CareVision will seek to overcome include:


I want to be able to send my mum a message, or give her a call, without her rushing to answer the phone and putting her at risk of a fall


My kids are always taking photos and sharing them with the world, it would be great if there was an easier way to share them with the grandparents who would love them.


I am afraid my father is bored at home, and lacks the social interaction, mental challenge or entertainment that keeps us all happy and mentally fit. He says he is ok, but I would like to give him a social outlet, or mental challenge that he can interact with.


Between work and demanding teenagers, I would like to get an update on how my parents are. Calling the care provider is a waste of time, they either leave me on hold, disconnect me when trying to transfer the call to the other department, and I might get an update 24 to 38 hours later. Why can they not share with me, what I am sure they already have on file? How is mum.


Please make it easier to co-ordinate tasks and responsibilities amongst the family so we can pull together and help mum live a more independent life.


Mum is on a waiting list for care, even after the ACAT assessment there is a wait for more support services to be available. In the meantime its up to the family to establish a roster and clear responsibilities, it would be great if we some tools to help and that Mum could interact with too


I am a working single mum of three, with older parents and only one brother who lives on the other side of the world. I try to help out as much as possible, my brother has offered to get some respite help but there are limited on demand respite services


The reality is the ‘tablet’ is a great invention, and is much easier than a computer, but its not for my parents. Its either never charged, not turned on, or they don’t know what to do with it, they rather watch TV and it’s a hassle for them to use the tablet.


Mum will not leave her home, she doesn’t want to go to a nursing home or retirement village. So we need someone to keep an eye on her, ask her the questions she wont answer us on, like if she has eaten recently, how her medication is going, and share some news of the world

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