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What CareVision Offers

CareVision is an eHealth company offering aged care solutions to reduce social isolation in the fight against Dementia, Alzheimer’s and the aged care crisis.

CareVision’s pioneering technology platform combines human assistive artificial intelligence, voice recognition, connected health devices and a powerful, secure cloud engine to support the care of our loved ones and empower them with the choice and control they deserve. Available across Smart TV, mobile, tablet, web, voice control and over 200 connected devices CareVision is truly accessible and user-friendly technology solution.

All CareVision solutions are designed to close the gaps between the stakeholders in Aged Care. As such, the needs of the older person, their families, allied health professionals, carers, and care organisations are addressed by a single solution, the CareVision solution.

The Challenges CareVision Addresses

We needed to introduce technology to our retirement community, CareVision is a technology that older people use without hesitation.

I have to travel more and more for work, I am worried that I wont be around to make sure Dad doesn't forget things and check up on him.

Mum is starting to show signs of aging and needs more and more help around the house, she refuses to go and live in a retirement or aged care facility, is there some solution to make it easier for all of us?

Granny isn't into phones, tablets or gadgets like us grandkids are, it would be great if we could share pictures and messages with her as she watches TV so she doesn't feel left out.

I have looked around at nursing homes for dad, I was surprised that very few have a good track record for engaging the family well, or entertainment that would keep Dad vital and engaged.

Why does it take so long to get an update about how my brother is doing at the care home? Sometimes it takes days to hear back from anyone there, that is if I even get through the switch to start with. There must be a better way!

We think mum is going to live past 100, if she moves into a care facility now, with the expensive bond, and ongoing fees, the cost to the entire family could be devastating.

If our care organisation does not embrace technology for independent living, or offer new models of care we will become irrelevant. We need a solution that is purpose built for aged care from a provider that understands the challenges we face.

My grandma thinks the tablet we gave her at Christmas is a cheese plate, it doesn't leave the china cabinet from one end of the year to the next.

We just want to enjoy life at the retirement village, not be stressed out by our kids worrying about us and nagging us with questions about taking our meds, or becoming socially isolated. Is there a way we can be connected without using the computer or a mobile?

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