We needed to introduce technology to our retirement community, CareVision is a technology that older people use without hesitation.

I have to travel more and more for work, I am worried that I wont be around to make sure Dad doesn’t forget things and check up on him.

Mum is starting to show signs of aging and needs more and more help around the house, she refuses to go and live in a retirement or aged care facility, is there some solution to make it easier for all of us?

Granny isn’t into phones, tablets or gadgets like us grandkids are, it would be great if we could share pictures and messages with her as she watches TV so she doesn’t feel left out.

I have looked around at nursing homes for dad, I was surprised that very few have a good track record for engaging the family well, or entertainment that would keep Dad vital and engaged.

Why does it take so long to get an update about how my brother is doing at the care home? Sometimes it takes days to hear back from anyone there, that is if I even get through the switch to start with. There must be a better way!

We think mum is going to live past 100, if she moves into a care facility now, with the expensive bond, and ongoing fees, the cost to the entire family could be devastating.

If our care organisation does not embrace technology for independent living, or offer new models of care we will become irrelevant. We need a solution that is purpose built for aged care from a provider that understands the challenges we face.

My grandma thinks the tablet we gave her at Christmas is a cheese plate, it doesn’t leave the china cabinet from one end of the year to the next.

We just want to enjoy life at the retirement village, not be stressed out by our kids worrying about us and nagging us with questions about taking our meds, or becoming socially isolated. Is there a way we can be connected without using the computer or a mobile?

CareVision makes life....

easier, entertaining, more connected, inclusive, informed, coordinated, social, secure, healthy, organised and more

Family Care Solutions

Technology for Older People Made Easy

CareVision is designed specifically for people living at home or in retirement living units and their families to stay connected and support one another to live well and enjoy life.

For busy families, the CareVision Care Concierge is an extra level of help. The Care Concierge places a daily call to the care recipient for companionship, a general check up on how things are going and provides a report to approved members of the care circle.

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CareVision Technology for Care Communities

Benefits and Care Capabilities

Companion calls for older people

Assistive Artificial Intelligence

intergeneration social programs

Foster Better Intergeneration Interactions

Superior Care & Service

Is your Care Organisation or Retirement Community looking for ways to stay relevant and meet demand?

There is a tsunami of change that is impacting the care industry, from legislative change to consumer demands for service as the Boomer generation reaches retirement age.

Care Organisations and retirement communities are increasingly needing to offer more, in a more competitive environment, and to meet higher levels of quality, accountability and transparency.

CareVision provides Care Organisations with the opportunity to stay out in front with the world’s most engaging care platform that caters to the range of care stakholders.

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Reduce Social Isolation

CareVision is an eHealth company offering aged care solutions to reduce social isolation in the fight against Dementia, Alzheimer’s and the aged care crisis.

Technology Older People Use

CareVision’s pioneering technology platform combines human assistive artificial intelligence, voice recognition, connected health devices and a powerful, secure cloud engine to support the care of our loved ones and empower them with the choice and control they deserve. Available across Smart TV, mobile, tablet, web, voice control and over 200 connected devices CareVision is truly accessible and user friendly technology solution.

Bridging the Gaps in Aged Care

All CareVision solutions are designed to close the gaps between the stakeholders in Aged Care. As such, the needs of the older person, their families, allied health professionals, carers, and care organisations are addressed by a single solution, the CareVision solution.

Top 5 Challenges for Seniors Using Technology

The concept of ageism plays a significant role in perceiving that older adults are less mentally and physically competent, incapable of adapting to the latest technology that could otherwise improve their overall health and well-being. Technology has driven a variety...
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Australia’s Most Advanced and Innovative Retirement and Aged Care Platform comes to Dubbo

CareVision partners with Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution (RFBI) for their newest state-of-the-art facility with client concierge technology enhancing the client experience Dubbo, NSW — The new RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village in Dubbo deserves some congratulations,...
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Interactive Technology for Aged Care & Home Care Success

Wondering what interactive technology for aged care actually works? what is used by residents and delivers real value? With the average person over 65 spending approximately 5.8 hours per day watching television, it remains the most popular choice of entertainment and...
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On-Demand Care and Respite Technology

On-Demand Care services are slowly changing the way we approach our everyday lives. The successes and conveniences in the on-demand economy, such as Uber for transportation, and Netflix for entertainment are prompting a conversation about the application of on-demand...
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Reducing Social Isolation with CareVision Technology

Social isolation is linked to a range of health problems, such as poor coping mechanism, increased risk of developing Dementia, cardiovascular problems, increased incidence of slips and fall accidents. It also leads to a higher aged care and social service usage, and...
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What the NDIS Will Do to Aged Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is a program implemented by the National Disability Insurance Agency(NDIA), an independent Commonwealth statutory agency. The insurance scheme provides individualised support and services to Australians with a...
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Navigating the Aged Care System in Australia

It has been said that to navigate aged care in Australia’s fragmented social systems, split between different levels of government and various non-government departments, non-for profits, and support bodies, requires a social science degree. To make it easier,...
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Digital Transformation For Aging at Home

CareVision has launched a new interactive technology involving the humble TV and the internet which could reduce the rates of social isolation amongst the elderly. There are more than 20% of Australians over 65 are socially isolated and this number is increasing...
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Retirement Living Like Never Before

There are over 2,200 retirement communities across Australia, catering to the lifestyles and retirement needs of over 170,000 Australians.  Despite population growth and aging, the competitive environment is intensifying with more new villages being built than ever...
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Family Case Study

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The Importance of Community On Well being

Individuals that regularly engage in daily living activities in older age have enhanced levels of well-being. It is important to note that the type of participation matters because the strength of the link between participation and wellbeing depends on the specific...
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Are You Ready To Live To 100?

Are You Ready To Live To 100? Lynda Gratton, a London Business School professor believes living longer requires individuals and corporations to change their approach to careers, life transitions and retirement. She authored a new book entitled "The 100-Year Life:...
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The Importance of Family Photos

Reminiscence therapy is a widely used method of intervention in dementia care. The process involves conducting meaningful conversations within a group of people or two individuals to improve cognitive well-being. Family members highly recommend Reminiscence Therapy...
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CareVision launches service in the Wingecarabee Region

CareVision offers a unique single platform that caters to the needs of individuals, families, friends and care providers, and is now available in the Wingecarabee Region After being put to the test by over 50 older local residents of the Wingecarribee area, CareVision...
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Social Isolation Matters

Social Isolation continues to be a topic of discussion in the Care industry because of its threats to the physical and mental health among those who experience it. Social Isolation costs Lives Social Isolation is often closely tied with Loneliness, and this often...
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