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Let your teams care more with CareVision. The only end to end solution for engaging clients throughout the continuum of care. With Artifical Intelligence and machine learning built in to drive continuous improvement of care scheduling and work order management, budgeting and forecast, automated timesheeting, clinical care documentation, client and family portals apps and televisions, remote patient monitoring, workforce safety, field and ward staff mobility solution and more!

Smart Care Scheduling

An easy to use highly visual interface for scheduling all required services, and extra service bookings. Recommended Carers for each booking makes it easy to build a schedule. Carers are recommended based on skills and qualifications, prior work history with a client, client ratings of their services,  location and availability on the day and time in question. Travel Time is automatically calculated while you plan to ensure effective time management. Learn More


Live Status Updates
With every carer site check in, check out and report completion, stay up to date with how the day is tracking. See who is ahead or behind schedule and make sure your teams are supported in the field. With an emergency panic button on the mobile application, field staff can contact base faster, and feel safer. Learn More

Work Order Automation

Service, maintenance and support requests can be submitted by residents, and their approved family members allowing for easy management and tracking of service delivery, and ensuring everyone is kept informed on progress and scheduled service.  Services and maintenance tasks can be set up with scheduling automation rules in place for staff (and external contractors).  Review the Service Workflow Types and Workflow Builder details here

Health Goal & Condition Management

Keeping track of both health conditions and client lifestyle goals is easy with the Health Goals and Targets enginge. Easily add conditions, link them to treatment plans and set reminders for medication, also link conditions or client wellbeing goals to all services delivered for streamlined CDC reporting.  Learn More

Telehealth Calls & Video Conference

Video conference with your clients in a secure easy to use environment directly from the management portal. Keep a recording of the call, and record case notes in line with the call. Families can also video conference with their loved one or the care team.  Learn More

Client Budgeting & Forecasting

Keeping track of client budgets can be difficult especially when external contracts and invoices take time to make their way against the client record. With CareVision you can forecast more accurately.   Learn More

Robust Reporting Engine

CareVision caters to a range of dashboards for business performance metrics and wellness.  You can build reports and forms for internal use, surveys, and operations management with a robust form building engine. Learn More

Care & Service Plan Management
Keep track of all client care and clincial management needs with Care and Service plans that have built in version control, allow for automatic scheduling and ease of updating. Use template services to help build plans, link services to client goals and conditions, and allocate preferred carers for auto scheduling. Learn More

External Contractor Management
Offer more services to your clients with easy ways to invite external controactors to list their services on the platform, allow clients to book and for the delivery of services, while keeping track of delivery and feedback. Contractos can submit invoice information through the applications, or issue reminders to contractors to send invoices through to help improve forecasting and budgeting.  Learn More

More Modules
CareVision is truely the ultimate care and concierge platform with an extensive range of modules and capabilities, on a singleplatform allowing your business to grow, expand and thrive, while delivering better health outcomes for your care community. Explore our modules for home care technology, residential aged care technology, retirement living technology and family care from the main menu above, or give us a call and talk to an aged care technology expert on 1300 324 00





CareVision in partnership with TCL Electronics and Samsung have brought social, health and wellbeing technology to older people, by building the most advanced aged care friendly television platform on earth. CareVision TV combines simple and easy ways to interact with your community, engage in high-quality entertainment content, video call with family or friends and much more.


Offer true hotel and concierge-style experiences to your retirement and aged care clients. The CareVision Concierge Tablet allows you to make your services available for client review and ordering. Streamline requests with our powerful workflow and allocation engine, all while building a community with news and social activities, and connecting residents to their loved ones and your community. With a central device and profile management, it is easy to scale the CareVision solution across thousands of residents or allow residents to bring their own device


Hands free help from the CareVision Google Assistant. CareVision has trained the google assistant to allow your residents to do a range of fun things, from set their lunch preferences to, sending and receiving messages or news, right through to playing trivia and listening to music

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It has been said that to navigate aged care in Australia’s fragmented social systems, split between different levels of government and various non-government departments,...

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